A hard money loan is a specific type of asset-based financing where a borrower receives funds secured by equity in real estate.  A hard money broker like Utmost Pro, Inc is mainly focused on the equity in real estate as opposed to borrower credit and financials.  Our hard money loans are used for projects lasting anywhere from one to three years.

It’s simple.  You can either complete our online loan submission, email or call us directly.  We find it is easiest to talk through your loan scenario as we can determine in a matter of minutes, once we have a few simple questions answered, if we can help.

Because we are a hard money broker that focuses mainly on the equity in the property to secure the  loan, we are able to look beyond borrower past circumstances.  We will make every attempt to structure a hard money loan that works for you to ensure you get the funding you need at the best terms possible.

Absolutely.  We provide written approvals typically within 24 hours and can fund in a matter of days.  As a hard money broker with immediate access to capital, we are the decision maker and have the ability to move quickly.

All of our hard money loans start at 6.875% interest.  However, every transaction is different and until we have some facts about the loan (property address, amount requested, etc.) we will not be able to provide exact terms.  Once we have the limited information we need, then we can submit our written offer- typically within 24 hours.

Hard Money Loans

We are here to help fulfill a major need for our clients.

 There are many borrowers who are unable to get a loan from a bank and don’t know where to find the funds they need to accomplish their goals.

 Many are unaware of what a hard money loan is and how to go about finding one.   As a  hard money broker, we understand that for most of our clients, this experience is new to them.  

We take great pride in educating our clients about what hard money loans are and why they fill a great need for many individuals, families and businesses.

  Our simple, straight-forward hard money loan process allows our clients to speak directly to a decision maker and not have to worry about a long, invasive process.  We encourage of our clients to pick up the phone, email or chat with us so we can help.

Find out why thousands of satisfied clients choose us for their hard money loan needs.