Stated Income Loans-are loans that do not require any verification of income. A stated income loan is perfect for self-employed and business owners who declared low income on their tax return. Our stated income loan agents are experienced in the loan industry and known for quick loan approvals

No Tax Return, No 4506T, No W2, No Paycheck Stubs!

Few Options To Qualify for Stated Income Loans:

Qualify with Business License,P/L Statement and CPA Letter

Qualify with only a Verification Of Employment form executed by the employer!

Qualify with 12-24 or just 1 Months Banks Statements


We realize that most self employed people have income that can vary throughout the year and is not consistent like a W-2 wage earner or they don’t show ideal tax returns (1040’s) due to tax deductions.  Our “Self Employed Mortgage” stated income loans program can help these individuals get pre-qualified to either purchase or refinance a home.  This program requires NO pay stubs, W-2’s or tax returns.

stated income loans

Rates From 4.75%